3d Bathroom Interior

just a quick work in progress to test a scene with different render engines.maxwell (1) vs. corona (2). i will stick with corona, best renderer out there, so easy to set up, so fast and always beautiful output right from the start without much hassle. rendertimes were for both images just above 1 hour but maxwell clears noise so slowly…

3d Produktvisualisierung – Harley Davidson

Ein aufwändiges Projekt was ich über die Feiertage umgesetzt habe. Die Modellierung und 3d Produktvisualisierung einer Harley Davidson nach Konstruktionszeichnungen aus 4 Ansichten. Ich habe das virtuelle Motorrad in Rhino mit Nurbs Kurven, Oberflächen und Solids modelliert und dann in Keyshot gerendert.

Jaegermeister Spice – 3d Product Visualisation

here is another 3d Product Visualisation that i just finished. The Jaegermeister bottle was modelled in Rhino. I tried to develop a workflow for adding some water condensation drops which is one of the harder things to get right. A professional studio light setup is also very important for shots like these.