Sitzgruppe im Olympiapark

Ein Photomatching um eine Sitzgruppe in einen Hintergrund zu integrieren. Das modelling der 3d Objekte wurde mit Rhino gemacht. Die Szene wurde dann in Cinema4D erstellt und dort auch mit Vray gerendert. Ich habe einige Multipass Elemente gerendert und dann ein Compositing in Photoshop gemacht.
Die Texturen sind farblich an die von Otl Aicher für Olympia 1972 entworfenen Designs angelehnt. Deswegen auch das passende Ambiente im Münchner Olympiapark.

Drill – download free .obj 3d model

download a free 3d model of a drill ! Textures are not included. But the model has all the necessary Uvw coordinates so you can add your own textures to get nice renders.
Feel free to download this and other objects here:

Free 3d Models

You are allowed to use my models for private use. If you want to use them commercially please contact me for info.

If you have made any nice projects and scenes with them i would appreciate if you mention or link to my website.

Thanks for your interest and have fun !

New 3d models

Here is a nice selection of my latest free 3d models. All made in Rhino. The biggest challenge has been for a long time to convert them from Nurbs to Polygons which can be really messy afterwards. But i developed a good workflow now to get nice poly objects in the .obj format which can then be imported and rendered into any 3d Editor. If any of these models would need soft deformations for animation they would need a retopology job first. But these kind of objects are normally needed for other (static background) purposes anyway, so they are ok as they are.

They will also be the first models that i will offer for free download here. So please check out my site soon to get them !