Innenarchitektur 3d Render

Diese Innenarchitektur 3d Szene ist nach einer Photovorlage mit Sketchup modelliert. Danach in 3ds Max importiert wo ich das Szenensetup gemacht habe und dann mit Corona gerendert. Zum Schluss noch ein paar kleine Änderungen im Compositing.

Interior 3d Architectural Scene

this 3d architectural scene was modeled with only one photo reference in Sketchup. Then i brought it to 3ds Max for texturing, lighting and rendering with Corona render. The final step was some compositing in Nuke.

Architectural 3d Outdoor Night Visualisation

This architectural 3d night scene was modeled from a photograph reference in Sketchup. Then taken into 3ds Max to setup and render with Corona renderer. This was my first “babysteps” compositing in Nuke…quite a steep learning curve but the 32 bit workflow must be worth it because it`s so superior to Photoshop.

Corona Render 3d Visualisation

here is a second render of the house that i posted recently, just from the other side. It was modeled with floorplans in Sketchup and then setup und rendered in 3ds Max with Corona render. Additional models like the garden seating, umbrella and bbq were done in Rhino and just a quick cloth simulation for the umbrella and the curtains inside the building in 3ds Max.