Gumfoten in der Galerie

ein virtueller Ausstellungsraum mit venske+spänle Gumfoten. Ein Foto diente als Vorlage für den Raum. Die Basisgeometrie wurde wie immer in Cinema4D modelliert und dann in 3dsMax importiert und mit Vray gerendert. Eine ganz besondere Herausforderung stellte in diesem Fall das Light Setup dar, ich habe unzählige Varianten probiert und werde wohl nochmal ein komplett anderes setup machen. Bei der besonderen Problematik der Ausleuchtung war zum Schluss das sehr umfangreiche Compositing in Photoshop letztendlich die beste Lösung. Ich habe sämtliche Beleuchtungsquellen als Render Elements exportiert und damit war dann eine Feinabstimmung gut möglich.

2 thoughts on “Gumfoten in der Galerie

  1. First of all congratulations : you are doing an amzaing job.I really like the Podium render, more than the latest Vray because I think this ultra simple comics rendering is really your style. It’s in some way similar to Renaissance animation movie or Persopolis animation movie : style above realism.I’m afraid you could loose this spirit with more and more realistic renderings. Well that’s only my 2 cents.I wonder if you shouldn’t try some kind of, real or fake, motion blurring ? Because 3D based data based comics tend to be very still . But it would be a pity to lose all this crazily detailed models. Maybe just in some crash pictures to increase the sense of motion ?I can hardly believe you output characters with a software made for architectural drafting ! I hope you will reach printing Fuel & Fire and if so I will definitely buy your comic !Keep going !

  2. Thanks a lot for your very nice comment, i really appreciate it since this blog is just starting up ! By the way, these objects are in reality not comics but they really exist. They are made by my brother and his wife (venske + spänle, you can see them at their website ) . I have done quite a few animations with those “smurfs” that are shown in exhibitions and art shows all over the world.
    But i get what you mean with too much photorealism. Your motion blur idea sounds very good, i will try to incorporate it the next time 🙂

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