small exterior 3d architectural scene

This is just a small exterior 3d architectural scene that i did to try some new workflows. The basic modelling was done in Sketchup and then imported to 3ds Max. I did the stone flooring in Zbrush, the challenge was to not just have a normal or bump mapped ground because from this angle of view it will be discovered as a cheap fake ūüėČ So i needed the real geometry….but since i wanted to render this in Maxwell it turned out that rendering a huge displacement was in this case way too time consuming. So i made a high res poly but still importable version of the stone floor which is a good compromise for speed and interesting looks.

The inspiration for this small scene was from a photo from I extracted the wooden fence texture from this picture and tweaked it to fit the model.

Jaegermeister Spice – 3d Product Visualisation

here is another 3d Product Visualisation that i just finished. The Jaegermeister bottle was modelled in Rhino. I tried to develop a workflow for adding some water condensation drops which is one of the harder things to get right. A professional studio light setup is also very important for shots like these.